Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Acoulteration (n.) - The act of adding copious endnotes in an attempt to give the sham appearance that one's writings are scholarly, methodically researched and based in fact. From Coulter, Ann. (Renato) [Reader D at Eschaton]

an·ti-Sem·i·tism (n.)
1. Disagreeing with Dick Cheney.
2. Believing that there is a such thing as a neoconservative.
3. Being a Democrat.
[The Editors]

Argumentum Ad O'Reilly (n.) - A complex argument wherein most parts or every part is a different type of fallacy. (Julie O.)

Audio'reilly (v.) - To adjust the sound level relative to the opponent, either electronically or vocally, to make one's argument appear stronger. From O'Reilly, Bill. (PapaJijo) [Reader D at Eschaton]

Cheney's Razor (n.) - A philosophic rule that the most complex explanation of an unknown phenomenon is probably correct. From Cheney, Dick. (CF)[Reader D at Eschaton]

Cotton Dandy (n.) - One who attributes greatness to his political patrons in the most saccharine, cliched, idealistic prose available, which under even mild scrutiny, fails to have any substance behind it. From Sullivan, Andrew. (Anon.) [Reader D at Eschaton]

Den Beste ex Machina (n.) - The creation of a fake political movement, such as Transnational Progressivism, that has virtually no basis in reality in order to disparage ideological opponents. From Den Beste, Steven. (Jesse Taylor) [Reader D at Eschaton]

Disinglennuousness (n.) - The practice of saying, after the fact, that just because you linked to something outrageous with "THIS IS INTERESTING" or "EVERYONE SHOULD READ THIS", you don't necessarily agree with the linked sentiments, their having been exposed as utter pig-bollocks. From Reynolds, Glenn. (Nick Sweeney) [Reader D at Eschaton]

Freepler Shift (n.) - Claiming a source is further in one partisan direction than can reasonably be claimed. From Free Republic. (Lakema/Renato) [Reader D at Eschaton]

Glenndemma (n.) - When the disconnect between what you believe in and reality grows to such a degree that you become confused and either docile or unusually aggressive. Symptoms of Glenndemma include arguing that Bill Clinton and Paul Krugman are responsible for troop deaths (angry reaction) in Iraq, or refusing to discuss any issue relevant to global climate change (docile reaction). Bizarre leaps in logic are usually a certain sign of Glenndemma. Construction: "Reaching a" or "being in a". From Reynolds, Glenn. (RulerOfMyApartmentstania) [Reader D at Eschaton]

Glennuendo (n.) - The act of drawing a darkly ominous inference from an opponent's failure to discuss a political issue. From Reynolds, Glenn. (Vaara)[Reader D at Eschaton]

Grain of Galt (n.) - No matter the topic area, the assertion that you know someone who works in/is deeply involved in it, and therefore you know what you're talking about. From Galt, Jane. (Jesse Taylor)[Reader D at Eschaton]

ho·mo·pho·bi·a (n.)
1. Making fun of Jeff Gannon
2. Making fun of The Claremont Institute’s John Hindraker’s gay-porny
nom de keyboard
3. Disagreeing with Andrew Sullivan when Andrew Sullivan is agreeing with
[The Editors]

Left, The (n.)
1. You.
2. Jane Fonda and Noam Chomsky.
3. Everybody less conservative than me and all Democrats except Zell Miller.
4. Everybody less conservative than me and all Democrats except Zell Miller
and present company.
5. Nobody, really.
6. Everybody I hate.
7. A quantum superposition of the above definitions.
[The Editors]

Malkinization (n.) - Usage of questionable or irrelevant anecdotes in support of a position when statistics disprove the position. Cognates: Malkious, malkiniously. From Malkin, Michelle. (Hesiod)[Reader D at Eschaton]

rac·ism (n.) Disagreeing with or disliking Michelle Malkin [The Editors]

O'Reillyus Interruptus (v.) - To be cut off from making a really good point or argument by a radio or cable TV talk show host. Usually involves being loudly shouted down, having one's mic cut (if in a studio), or being "potted down" (if calling in to a radio program). Odds of this happening are greatly increased the closer one gets to the truth. From O'Reilly, Bill. (Renato)[Reader D at Eschaton]

Penis Glennvy (n.) - The belief that by linking to Instapundit and his posts, rightwing bloggers can extend their influence and reputation into theblogosphere. Indeed. From Reynolds, Glenn. (GFW) [Reader D at Eschaton]

Reductio ad Hannitum (n.) - To ask your evil liberal guest something patently ridiculous, then, while they roll their eyes, accuse them of "dodging the question". From Hannity, Sean. (Leo) [Reader D at Eschaton]

Rosh Herring (n.) - A post by a person, supporting himself, but posted under a pseudonym and pretending to be someone else. From Lott, John (aka Mary Rosh). (JH) [Reader D at Eschaton]

sex·ism (n.) Disagreeing with or disliking Michelle Malkin [The Editors]

Sully (v.) - To pretend people who were clearly speaking metaphorically were speaking literally, and criticize them based on that. Also known as the "War on Metaphor". From Sullivan, Andrew. (Matthew Yglesias/Andrew Northrup)[Reader D at Eschaton]

Tauntology (n.) - an argument based entirely on taunts which also is technically meaningless and reveals nothing about the world. Used extensively by Christopher Hitchens. example: MICHAEL MOORE, YOU'RE A FASCIST JERK! LOOK AT ME, I KNOW SOME KURDS! (David Rees)

ter·ror·ists (n.)
1. Those that engage in acts or an act of
2. The Left
[The Editors]

troops in the field, the (n.) My belief that I am much more intelligent and credible than available evidence would suggest: your criticism of my ever-shifting, impossible-to-pin-down rationale for invading Iraq is undermining the troops in the field.

Tucker Gambit (n.) - Baiting your opponent into a seemingly hypocritical position by using an irrelevant triviality as if it were germane to the topic; usually followed by shock and outrage at opponent's (expected) response. From Carlson, Tucker. (Kherr)[Reader D at Eschaton]

Zellmanella (n.) - Afflication whereby you claim that you are a "life-long Democrat", but now you're disgusted by the party's negativity, and you've fallen for the steely-eyed Dubya. Sufferers are known as "Zellots". From Miller, Zell.[Reader D at Eschaton]

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